Get to know us

+ What makes Ebb and Flow physical therapy different?

At Ebb and Flow, our “whole body approach” will treat not only the acute area of pain, but also focus on strengthening all the muscles in your body and adjusting how you use them in real life. Approaching the body in this way is essential to securing fluid movement in the future. Many patients find that Daniella at Ebb and Flow was the first practitioner to identify the root cause of their discomfort. Go to Testimonials.

+ What happens when we start working together?

Daniella Tress, founder of Ebb and Flow, will get to know you during an initial evaluation. She aims to methodically analyze and accurately pinpoint the root causes of your pain. To get great results, you should be ready to lean into the rehabilitation process with mental focus and physical effort. Daniella will customize a treatment program tailored to get you back to moving fluidly and doing what you love.

+ What should I expect at follow up appointments?

You will expect to see Daniella, the same qualified therapist, for a full hour every session. That said, with gains being made weekly, no two sessions are alike. With a combination of manual therapy, movement therapy, and education, treatments will focus on rehabilitation and the preservation of your mobility. For optimal results, you should commit to your at-home program, and foster mindfulness around maintaining healthy positioning, posture, and movement strategies as you move through your day.

+ What makes Daniella Tress a particularly effective physical therapist?

Daniella Tress is passionately dedicated to your recovery and a safe return to the things that move you. Having rehabilitated many of her own injuries, she can relate to the frustration and challenge of finding the path back to fluid movement. She relies on her compassionate clinical skills and the expertise that comes from 20 years practicing physical therapy and Pilates rehabilitation. She began Ebb and Flow with the goal to create an integrated approach to wellness that equally emphasizes symptom relief, education, and injury prevention. Get to know Daniella. See what our patients say. Go to Testimonials

+ Will I be comfortable in your office?

The Ebb and Flow studio is a bright and inviting rehabilitation space located on the second floor in the charming town of Ross in Marin, California. Typically, you will be the only patient in the studio which leads to a dedicated and focused experience. The studio is fully equipped with state-of-the-art Pilates and CoreAlign® equipment and a private manual therapy room. We offer reserved covered parking behind the building.

+ Do you take insurance?

Ebb and Flow is an out-of-network physical therapy provider and is unable to bill your medical insurance. Full payments are due at your time of service.

+ Do I need a physician referral for physical therapy to be evaluated and treated at Ebb and Flow?

No referral necessary. You are welcome to book an appointment as soon as you feel the need. The California Direct Access Law allows a licensed physical therapist like Daniella Tress to provide physical therapy services without a physician referral for 45 days or 12 visits, whichever occurs first. These visits are considered out-of-network and may be covered by your insurance plan if you choose to submit the claims.

+ What if my treatments are prescribed by my doctor?

If you are receiving physical therapy services deemed “medically necessary” an Ebb and Flow email invoice sent following your appointment will contain the appropriate medical and provider information for you to submit your claim to your insurance company.

+ Can I continue working with Ebb and Flow after the first 12 visits or 45 days--without a new physical therapy referral or signed plan of continuing care--and still be covered by insurance?

We welcome you to continue maintenance treatment and wellness care at Ebb and Flow. If your treatment originated with a physician diagnosis and physical therapy referral and services are still deemed medically necessary, your invoices may continue to be reimbursable by insurance. Alternately, if treatment is still deemed medically necessary by Daniella but you did not have an original referral, she will provide you with a physical therapy progress report which your primary physician may sign off on, so that your invoices may still be covered by insurance after the first 12 visits or 45 days.