Physical Therapy & Pilates Rehab

The Approach

Personalized and Future Focused


What may seem like a sore shoulder today could indicate chronic pain in the future.

At Ebb and Flow, our “whole body” treatment approach aims to effectively heal your current condition and teach prevention techniques aimed at securing a healthier and more comfortable future. Personalized treatment plans combine the following components:

Ebb and Flow - Manual Therapy

Help soft tissues and joints move freely again

Manual Therapy

Using touch to decrease pain and optimize alignment, mobility and movement, Daniella employs advanced manual techniques to identify and release joint, nerve, neuromuscular and myofascial restrictions in the body. After treating the patient’s alignment and mobility, she secures the improvements with manual-stabilizing techniques called PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation) for long-lasting results. 

Ebb and Flow - Movement Therapy

Restore strength and evolve how you move

Movement Therapy

Expect a whole-body approach that starts with stabilization exercises and grows to dynamic functional movement techniques. Daniella integrates Pilates Rehabilitation and CoreAlign® methods with physical therapy science to promote faster recovery. You feel challenged but not overwhelmed. Your personalized program is aimed at evolving your skeletal alignment, movement habits and muscle balance so you can maintain improvements and prevent future injury. 

Ebb and Flow - Education

Learn sustainable strategies for long-lasting results


Daniella provides detailed guidance on how to improve your physical awareness and control the root causes of your symptoms. Through hands-on posture and movement strategies, she offers solutions to use at home or work, while driving, or pursuing your hobbies and athletics. The prescribed home exercises, with supporting videos and photos, help sustain long-lasting results.


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