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Lisa - San Rafael

"Daniella is by far the best physical therapist I have ever worked with, and as a person who has been athletic her entire life, I have worked with many. She is incredible with kids and adults alike, having treated my 10 year old son and 13 year old daughter for soccer injuries, as well as myself and my husband. She is highly skilled at identifying and resolving injuries, and gives very specific, personalized exercises that improve overall alignment and health. The minute one of us gets an injury, I immediately book with Daniella because I know that she will speed the healing process and get us back to doing what we love! She has helped us with a foot bone that was out of alignment, pulled hamstrings, a jammed hip from a trampoline, a lower back issue, and more. Thank you, Daniella for your incredible care, knowledge and skill in helping people heal from injuries!"

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Jennifer - Kentfield

"Daniella Tress is the highly knowledgeable and experienced physical therapist that so many of us with chronic injuries need- one who can do the gentle manipulations but also push us as former competitive athletes to retrain muscle patterns and stabilize where there is weakness using Pilates-based physical therapy. I am so grateful to have found Daniella after spending so much time, energy, and resources being told I had to rest and do nothing- none of which helped my psyche nor sped up the healing process."

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