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Michael - Fairfax

"Having worked with many wonderful people in Pilates, physical therapy and yoga over the years, I am truly impressed with Daniella. Her intuition is a big part of how helpful she is, her knowledge impressive, and she approaches her work in a unique way to get you to feel better and stronger. She really is focused on making things better for her clients. "

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Kelley - San Rafael

"Daniella is teaching me how to strengthen my core and to exercise for bone health in a safe manner. After working with yoga and Pilates teachers that didn’t understand that flexing my limbs and joints was the wrong treatment for weak bones with osteopenia, I decided to try a physical therapist. The first one I saw gave me a scripted exercise plan for an older woman and I wasn’t challenged. I appreciate that Daniella takes the time to thoughtfully plan our sessions. They are always challenging, different, and never boring. I feel stronger and better educated every week."

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Rick - San Rafael

"I came to Daniella because I was diagnosed with pain and numbness from polyneuropathy with myalgia in both legs. It was very difficult for me to go up and down stairs, and extremely difficult and painful for me to stand up from any chair that I had been sitting in for more than 10 minutes.  She did an evaluation of my condition and a thorough review of my medical records. Then she designed a program to improve my posture, balance, coordination, and muscle strength.  Now, I can easily go up and down any stairs, get in and out of my car, and stand up out of chairs.  I feel very fortunate to have Daniella as my physical therapist.  She is extremely well qualified and competent."

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