More about Pilates and CoreAlign®


Pilates Rehabilitation Definition

Pilates Rehabilitation is a systematic movement-based approach for rehabilitation and injury prevention. After identifying the inefficient movement strategies that are likely contributing to a client’s symptoms or injury, the therapist skillfully integrates modified Pilates exercises utilizing hands-on techniques, verbal cueing, springs and props, to facilitate neuromotor changes.

Evidence-based motor control training principles guide the therapeutic exercise selection and progressions. This process is often mentally and physically challenging, and therefore a client's focus and effort are important factors in rapid improvement and long-lasting change. 

CoreAlign® Definition

The CoreAlign® device sports two independent tracks and a workout ladder. The apparatus enables clients to exercise in an upright, functional posture, while addressing muscle balance, alignment, coordination, balance, and strength. Combining the tracks with upright postures is a key element in giving clients an immediate “feel” for proper alignment while doing specific exercises. As a result, they are able to make changes that translate into improved function within a single session.

People rehabilitating from back and neck pain, joint problems, and sports injuries are ideally suited for treatment with the CoreAlign®. Aging adults, people with osteoporosis, and others with pain conditions also benefit because of the low impact nature of the exercises.