Facilitating An Active Return to Doing What Moves You

At Ebb and Flow, expect a refreshing approach to the physical therapy experience with an evolved model of rehabilitation and injury prevention.

 Whether you are sidelined with nagging aches, struggling with consistent pain, annoyed with postural pain from our modern seated lifestyle, hesitant to exercise with a degenerative condition, or just wanting to prevent all of the above, we can help.

Ebb and Flow is a bright and inviting rehabilitation studio located in peaceful Ross Common in Marin, CA. The studio is fully equipped with high-end Pilates and CoreAlign equipment and a private manual therapy room.


Approaching the body as a whole is essential when treating or preventing aches and pain, injuries or degeneration. Hence, we treat not only the acute area of pain, but focus also on whole-body strengthening of movement patterns used in real life, and teaching you how to maintain the progress made and prevent future injury.

Your skilled therapist will promptly address your localized pain and concerns as well as take the time to methodically pinpoint the root causes your pain - often from restrictions and weaknesses that cause alignment and movement dysfunctions. A customized and progressive treatment program will be tailored for your body and your goals. 

With gains being made weekly, no two sessions are alike! With a combination of Manual Therapy, Movement Therapy, and Education, the focus will be on Rehabilitation, Performance, and Injury Prevention. 

Ebb & Flow is a collaborative partnership, not a passive therapy experience. For optimal results with good retention over time, clients should be prepared to embrace an active rehabilitation process with mental focus and physical effort, commit to their home program, and foster mindfulness of maintaining healthy positioning, posture, and movement strategies day and night.



Cutting-edge manual techniques skillfully applied for identification and improvement of joint, neuromuscular and myofascial restrictions in the body. The goal is to decrease pain and to optimize alignment, mobility and functional movement patterns. Improvement in alignment and mobility will always be followed with manual stabilizing techniques called PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation). 


For Rehabilitation 

Skilled integration of Pilates and CoreAlign methods of corrective exercise with established physical therapy science for a faster recovery.

Hands-on, prop and spring-assisted focused and specific neuromotor re-training.

Expect a whole-body approach with a logical progression from stabilization exercises to dynamic functional movement patterns that relate to your lifestyle and goals.

For Wellness

Maintain your progress and help to prevent recurrence of pain and injury with a safe, individualized and challenging Pilates and CoreAlign Rehab program that you can continue once your rehab goals have been achieved.

Appropriate for those with degenerative or challenging conditions, who would benefit from the attention and knowledge of a physical therapist. 


Detailed instruction and guidance to improve your awareness and control of the area causing your symptoms. 

Hands-on cueing of posture and movement strategies, problem solving solutions (for home, work, car, hobbies and sport), and prescribed home exercise videos and photos.