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"I had chronic back pain for over a decade. I saw many health care practitioners, all of whom helped my pain go away—temporarily. Daniella was the first practitioner I have seen who was able to identify the root causes of my pain: dysfunctional movement patterns, weak or over compensating muscle groups, lack of mobility. 
Through a combination of bodywork, pilates exercises and education, she has methodically trained me to use my body in a functional and ever-improving way. I am far more active and pain free than I thought I could be. I cannot recommend her approach and effectiveness enough." 

Shayne H. -  San Rafael, CA

"Daniella is teaching me how to strengthen my core and to exercise for bone health in a safe manner. After working with yoga and pilates teachers that didn’t understand flexion was contra-indicated for osteopenia, I decided to try a physical therapist. The first one I saw gave me a scripted exercise plan for an older woman and I wasn’t challenged. I appreciate that Daniella takes the time to thoughtfully plan our sessions. They are always challenging, different, and never boring. I feel stronger and better educated every week."

Kelley B. - San Rafael, CA

"Having worked with many wonderful people in pilates, physical therapy and yoga over the years, I am truly impressed with Daniella. Her intuition is a big part of how helpful she is, her knowledge impressive, and she approaches her work in a unique way to get you to feel better and stronger. She really is focused on making things better for her clients. "

Michael C. - Fairfax, CA