Facilitating Your Return to Function


Cutting-edge manual techniques skillfully applied for identification and improvement of joint, neuromuscular and myofascial restrictions in the body. The goal is to decrease pain and to optimize alignment, mobility and functional movement patterns. Improvement in alignment and mobility will always be followed with manual stabilizing techniques called PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation). 


For Rehabilitation 

Skilled integration of Pilates and CoreAlign methods of corrective exercise with established physical therapy science for a faster recovery. Expect a whole-body approach with a logical progression from stabilization exercises to dynamic functional movement patterns. 

For Wellness

Maintain your progress and help to prevent reoccurrence of pain and injury with a safe, individualized and challenging Pilates and CoreAlign Rehab program that you can continue once your rehab goals have been achieved.

Appropriate for those with degenerative or challenging conditions, who would benefit from the attention and knowledge of a physical therapist. 


Detailed instruction and guidance to improve your awareness and control of the area causing your symptoms. 

Hands-on cueing of posture and movement strategies, problem solving solutions (for home, work, car, hobbies and sport), and prescribed home exercise videos and photos.

There is a valuable partnership between the PT and the client, both to create and work towards the set rehab goals. For optimum success, clients are encouraged to commit to their prescribed home exercises, and to foster mindfulness of maintaining healthy positioning, posture and movement strategies.