offering an integrative approach to rehabilitation from pain and injury

identifying and treating structural limitations, inefficient movement patterns, and poor postural habits

facilitating optimum physical wellness with attention and care 



Cutting-edge manual techniques for soft-tissue, nerve and joint restrictions to optimize alignment, mobility and functional movement patterns.



 for rehabilitation

Skilled integration of Pilates exercises with established physical therapy science for diagnosis and rehabilitation of injury or pain caused by poor alignment, muscle imbalances, and dysfunctional movement patterns. 

 for wellness

Maintain your progress and prevent reoccurrence of pain and injury with a safe, individualized and challenging program that you can continue once your rehab goals have been achieved. This is also suitable for those with degenerative or permanent conditions who would benefit from the attention and experience of a physical therapist.



Improve your awareness and control of the area causing you pain. Hands-on cueing of posture and movement strategies, coupled with prescribed home exercise videos and photos.